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Photo by Christian Townes

Jessica Moore Harjo, Ph.D., Weomepe, Otoe-Missouria, Osage, Pawnee, Sac & Fox, is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and educator based in Oklahoma. Her approach to art and design is unique, post-traditional, and grounded in cultural symbolism. Her pieces display intersections of traditional ribbonwork, florals, appliqué, elements of nature and other harmonious and symmetric forms with atmospheric color palettes. 

Dr. Harjo is the founder and owner of Weomepe Designs, a small business that provides graphic design services and operates as an online design shop with jewelry, wearable art, and other creative design products. Weomepe Designs has products in various museums, shops, and centers across Oklahoma. Weomepe Designs as a brand has branched out in recent years to include fashion. Dr. Harjo, Weomepe Designs was a featured fashion designer in the 2021 First Americans Museum Grand Opening (OKC, OK), the 2021 Winter Art Market (FAM-WHAM) Fashion Show (OKC, OK), the Teton Fashion Summit (OKC, OK) in June 2022, Intertribal Fashion Show (Durant, OK) in October 2023, the Winter Solstice Fashion Show (Tahlequah, OK) in December 2022, and Culture Shock Fashion Show (Rapid City, OK) in April 2023. Dr. Harjo, Weomepe Designs will be one of the featured designers at Indigenous New York Fashion Week in NYC this September 2023. 

Dr. Harjo has current displays of visual art and digital design work at the First Americans Museum, Philbrook Museum of Art, Oklahoma City’s Automobile Door Tour Alley, Tulsa Art Alley, the Osage Nation Museum, Osage Nation Casinos. Most recent and notably, a public art installation “People of the Great Sky, Constellations of the Land” at the Oklahoma State Capitol, and a public art mural “Foundation of Remembrance”, with the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Dr. Harjo received her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Oklahoma State University with a minor in Studio Art, Master of Arts in Design and Doctor of Philosophy in Design from the University of Minnesota. Her research interests are in design and typography as well as intersections of cultural and visual representation affecting social awareness and identity. Dr. Harjo has worked as an Adjunct Faculty and Professor teaching Graphic Design and Visual Arts courses.

Some other notable achievements include serving as the 2007 Miss Indian Oklahoma and receiving the 2009 NCAIED’s “40 under 40” leadership award. Dr. Harjo is a member of Alpha Pi Omega, Native women’s sorority, Oklahoma Matriarch (Tulsa), Tulsa Indian Club, PostTraditional Indigenous Arts, and currently serves as the President for the Oklahoma Federation of Indian Women. She has held 7 princess titles from ages 13-23 and was the Pageant Director for the Miss Indian Oklahoma pageant from 2018-2021.


Instagram and Facebook: @weomepe

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