Signed giclee matte print. Unframed. 

Sizes available:

10"W x 15"H, only 18 total printed

12"W x 18"H, only 11 total printed

16"W x 24"H, only 3 total printed.


Skyprints of the Future :: Throughout the pandemic, a theme of resiliency appeared throughout my pieces of art and designs. In connection with a mural project that was based on the concept of the vitality of our people, I designed this piece. It is meant to represent the resiliency of our people through the many hardships we face and continue to face, recognizing the connection to our seeds and earth as part of our cultural continuance. The concept for the artistic approach of the piece is resonant with a blueprint of information, white lines mapped out with information to inform others. In this piece seeds, food, plants, and nature carry a foundational map to our future generations. Food and plant subjects were derived from shared garden photos. 


"Skyprints of the Future" Limited Print